Rules & Regulations

The School is an English Medium school. All communiqués of the school will be in English.
The admission of a child to the school means complete acceptance by the parents/guardian of all school rules as in force or as amended from time to time. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the school management.
The school reserves the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason to do so.
The amount deposited towards registration and admission for a particular year will neither be refundable nor transferable to any other year.
Fresh registration will be required if a child is to be given admission for a subsequent year.
In case, for any reason, a student after joining the school wishes to withdraw, a minimum amount of term fee will have to be paid.
In case while withdrawing a ward from the school, any refunds as per the rules not claimed up to 15 days from withdrawal, will lapse to the School.
Children who rejoin the School late after the vacations, by more than a week without prior intimation by the parents/guardian, will be struck off the School Rolls. Fresh admission has to be sought in such cases. However, on medical grounds, once the School has been informed by the parents/guardian and a medical certificate produced at the time of rejoining, the above rule will not apply.
Admission and further continuance of a child to the +2 stage will depend on the vacancies, the child's academic performance in the 10th Board Examination and his/her general discipline. The right of offering admission to the +2 stage rests solely with the Principal.
Every endeavour is made by the School to help children improve their performance and a reasonable progress is possible with the child’s co-operation. Should a child consistently exhibit poor results, he/she may be denied admission in the next session.
A parent whose child has failed to make the grade for promotion to the next class, may be asked to withdraw the child from the School.
Any child leaving the School campus without the permission of the Principal will do so at the risk and responsibility of the parent and the name of the child will be struck off the rolls of the School. Readmission will have to be sought in such a case.
A continuous effort is made to instil high moral qualities in a child but should any student persist with anti-social activities he/she will be liable for strict disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion from the School.
A child involved in any immoral act is liable to be expelled from the School without any warning and there will be no reconsideration whatsoever.
The children are not permitted to possess any vulgar reading/viewing material. If found he/she is liable for expulsion from the School.
Intoxication of any kind is not permitted on the School campus. Any child indulging in smoking, drinking or using drugs shall be immediately expelled from the School.
The School reserves the right to ask a student to leave on disciplinary grounds. The Principal’s decision in this regard, will be final. In the event of the above, the parents/guardian will have to collect the ward immediately or otherwise the student will be escorted to parent/ guardian’s residence by a member of the school staff. There will be no refund of fees in cases where the child has been expelled or his withdrawal has been requested for, on disciplinary grounds.
It is understood that the school authorities will take all necessary care and precautions to safeguard the pupil. However the school will not be responsible for any mishap beyond their control in the school. The parents will hold the institution indemnified against all claims arising through illness or accident, resulting in any sort of injury, disability or death during the stay of the child in the School or on a tour, camp or trek.
Children will not be allowed to use the School telephone until and unless there is an emergency.
Students are not allowed to keep any cash and articles like ornaments, cameras, electronic items, mobile phones and other valuables. The School will not be held responsible for any loss of the above, if kept by a student in violation of this rule. In case any such item is found with the student it shall be confiscated and will, in no case, be returned. The School will not be held responsible for the loss of any clothing due to a student’s negligence.
The School reserves the right to increase the Fees including the Registration fee, Admission fee, the Annual charges, the tuition fee or conveyance charges at its discretion, as and when the need arises.
To ensure uniformity of shade, quality of cloth as well as tailoring, parents will be required to order items of School uniform from the designated shop.
Parents are advised to please inform the School immediately of any change in address or telephone numbers as this becomes crucial in emergencies.
Parents can meet the Principal on any working day between 9:00 a.m. to 1:00p.m. or by prior appointment.
The School management reserves the right to change, amend, add or delete any or all of the above rules and regulations, at any time without giving any notice whatsoever.
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