A safe school helps children to look forward to being in a secure space that promotes creative learning. When the children’s basic wellbeing and security isn’t met, children may not feel comfortable in school and may eventually try to stay away or stop coming altogether, or they may remain tense, nervous, apprehensive and ill at ease throughout the day. Such students tend to perform badly academically.

Our School recognizes that promoting school safety creates a safe learning environment and an open space for kids to explore, learn and grow and learn the skills needed for a successful education and future. Hence, the school has implemented certain security measures.

A primary security checkpoint at the main gates manned by trained professional security guards ensures that no one enters the campus without proper whetting.
The complete school campus is under CCTV surveillance. The school monitors the staff and student body to prevent assaults, bullying, fights, victimization, thefts, sexual attacks, etc.
The Teachers and staff are assigned regular duties to tour the corridors and rooms to watch for unusual activity or suspicious behavior.

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