School Campus

The school is sited over an expansive area of over 3 acres. The campus reflects the ideology behind the founding of the school. The school grounds of Pragati are striking with well-preserved lawns and gardens of flowering shrubs and trees, creating a backdrop of lush greenery; generating an atmosphere of serenity and peace.

The land surrounding the school building echoes with the call and movement of various kinds of birds and other fauna. The students are taught to appreciate the natural beauty around them and not cause any damage to the foliage.

The school acreage has become the practical classroom where our students learn lessons of environmental conservation. They are encouraged to keep the campus clean and tidy and participate in keeping the campus eco-friendly and green. The students’ involvement becomes more active when the school frequently organizes tree-planting campaigns.

The three- storied school structure is constructed around two central patio like open space, with each class room facing this open area enabling ample light and air into each class room. This architectural style combined with a vast atrium made of glass lends to the grandeur of the building. The students are taught to respect the value of property and treat it with care and thoughtfulness.

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